The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint

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Create and sell an online course using LearnDash.

No more fiddling with the tech! The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint will show you step by step how to build a thriving course business using  LearnDash without the tech headaches!

Most courses that teach you how to build courses have one thing in common


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Online Entrepreneur

"He made it very simple"

I want you to know that working with him, made it so much easier. He trained me in it. It was amazing!

Like most things in life there's a learning curve

Some things aren’t straight forward and without a guide it can be difficult trying to figure things out on your own. The truth is without  guidelines you’re probably gonna start feeling lost. This can lead to a loss of momentum and frustration.

Imagine how it would feel to launch your course in confidence?

You deserve to be proud of your online course! It’s time to launch your profitable online course with a clear executable plan using LearnDash and the right tools to make everything work seamless together. 


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"Michael was super helpful and went beyond the consulting hour to help me find a solution to a Learndash-membership problem I was having. Highly recommend!"
Chantal Forssman
Website Freelancer
"Michael was a huge asset for me as I built my course funnel in Cartflows, saving me hours of time and a ton of frustration. Michael is the best!"
Will Winters

The man behind it...

Hi I'm Michael

Hi there, my friends call me Mike. I’m an online tech educator, YouTuber and Web Agency Founder. I’ve been building websites and online courses for various clients since 2017.

Building websites has been my passion for quite a while but I fell in love with the e-learning industry as the demand for online learning increased. Not only have I been a student in various courses and coaching programs but I’ve also been the tech guy behind the scenes on multiple six figure courses.

Building an online course on WordPress using LearnDash doesn’t’ have to be difficult. In this course I’ll show you the fundamentals of LearnDash so that you can build your own profitable online course.

You Got Q's? I got the A's.

Here are a few core items we’ll cover in this course.

  • Introduction and Setup of LearnDash
  • Exploring Best Theme for LearnDash
  • Best Hosting for LearnDash
  • Navigating LearnDash settings
  • Creating the course (lessons, topics, quizzes, assignment)
  • Creating Student Dashboard (Template)
  • Creating a sales page
  • Selling your course (woocommerce)
  • Templates,guides and checklists
  • Support from me…
  • and much more

Good question. This course will be crafted primarily with   beginners in mind however if you already have a LearnDash course and maybe you DIY’ed yourself into learning the plugin, there may be some things you may not know. 

Absolutely YES.


The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint can help you build a high-converting offer, clarify your message and nail down your ideal audience. Most beginners try to DIY this process alone, focusing on #allthethings instead of revenue generating activities.


Join The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint and do things one time, the right way, with world-class leadership to take you there.

Sorry but this course is strictly for LearnDash users. If you’re considering switching to LearnDash  from any other LMS platform online then this is gonna be great resource to get you started.

Definitely! You’ll have my support over weekly Q&A calls via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook. You’ll be able to ask questions and leave comments. You’ll also have the support of the community as it builds throughout the lineage of the program.

I pride myself in providing the best support possible for all my customers. You’ll also get access to live group coaching and the private community for 6 months (which you can choose to extend via our graduate membership at $97/month if you need more ongoing support).   

Bonus: I’ll be present in the groups answering questions but the community is intended to cultivate support

Are you a Coach, Consultant, Course Creator, Freelancer, Author or sell 1:1 services? If that’s you – you’re in the right place!


The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint was made just for you!


You won’t have to sift through tons of information that isn’t relevant to you with a “guru” that has no idea how it all applies to your unique business.


This program will help you clarify your marketing message, create a “sold out” offer, choose a sales style that matches your life and attract ideal clients without living on social media 24/7.


If you’re looking for a mentor that’s been in your shoes and has 5+ years of digital marketing + business experience – look no further!

I value quality over quantity. Some students may be able to finish the course content in a week and see results within 30 days but this truly depends on where you’re currently at. The average student who commits to doing just a few hours of work per week will see results within 90 days.

The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint allows you to create (or improve) your offer, grow your audience without nonstop posting and make sales as soon as you launch.

You don’t need 60+ hours of videos to see results – you need a clear framework and support to help you implement from start to finish.

If you’re just getting started in your business and can join the “fast track”, you can be fully launched in 60-90 days.

No, I guarantee you don’t have to be tech savvy to see success inside the The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint. Not a single student has ever gotten stuck with tech inside any of my programs.


You’ll get a full tech stack breakdown inside the program with different options to fit any budget.


There’s also multiple tech trainings  with the most up-to-date trainings available to make it easy to follow (even if you’re allergic to tech!).

Yes! I do offer 1-1 coaching. It’s very limited as I only take on a few clients at any one time to ensure that you get my best. You can click here to book a call with me. 

Great! Send me an email to and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



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