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Barb Orozco

Clutter Coach – 40+ Sales in her First Launch

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Belinda Love

Love Coach – Featured on the Bachelor

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Barb Orozco

Online School Educator - Helicopter Stories

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Brandy Hilliard

Life Coach – Bizstar Power

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Dr. Faith Coats

Dr. Faith Coasts, Integrative Hormone Doctor

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"Michael was super helpful and went beyond the consulting hour to help me find a solution to a Learndash-membership problem I was having. Highly recommend!"
Chantal Forssman
Website Freelancer
"Michael was a huge asset for me as I built my course funnel in Cartflows, saving me hours of time and a ton of frustration. Michael is the best!"
Will Winters
You Got Q's? I got the A's.

Of course. My biggest pet peeve with other programs is when you don’t even get to talk to the so-called “expert”. You’ll get access to our ICA Community where you’ll get to connect with us and our certified course experts. And those that enroll in the ICA Mastermind get weekly calls with us!

Why work with me?

Hi I’m Michael.  I am a tech nerd. I’m also an online marketer working from the sandy shores of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean for almost 6 years and helped personal brands generate thousands of dollars by launching their online courses.

A little bit about me:
I love tech and I’m obsessed with automation and video marketing. In my spare time I love spending time with loved ones and shooting hoops. 

Hot take: I think pineapple on pizza is the best thing ever!